What I Learned from Merlin Mann on Starting

Merlin Mann said something that really caught my ear in this week’s episode of Back to Work:

“Everyday is a new day, whether you like it or not.”

So simple but so profound. What he is saying is that yesterday doesn’t really matter.

If you failed yesterday, today is another opportunity to get it right. Even if you won yesterday you have to keep going today; past wins won’t guarantee continued success.

“No matter how much you’ve sucked in the past you can write today. No matter how well you’ve written in the past you still have to write today.”

Whatever you want to get better at or start doing, just remember that today is as good as any.

Book Notes: On Writing By Stephen King

Currently I’m reading Stephen King’s tremendous book, “On Writing.”  It’s a great book for those looking to write fiction, but also extremely useful for those of us non-fiction writers too.  In fact there are so many great tips I just felt the urge to share with you guys.

When I read books I usually take notes and am doing so for this book as well.  Most of the notes are quotes, but there is some summarization too.  To share the notes I have created a public Evernote notebook with all of my notes thus far from reading the book and is accesible to anyone.  Here is the link: http://www.evernote.com/pub/camplommer/booknotes

This notebook also contains notes from books I’ve read such as Crush It!, Linchpin, Ignore Everybody, Switch, Getting Things Done, Switch and Rework.  Please let me know if these are useful to you guys.

On a productivity tip to transcribing book notes is to use voice recognition software.  I’m using Dragon on my iPhone, and let me tell you it saves a lot of time.  Previously I typed up all the quotes I bookmarked.  Now I just speak and the words flow.  #Winning.

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