Did Work This Week

Currently I’m an technically an intern where I work.  But swiftly moving to more responsibility.

Anyway, this has been a busy week and next week looks to be even busier.  I’m going to be taking the lead role managing two projects with the senior project manager out of the office all week.  This is going to be exciting yet scary.  This though is how we all evolve professionally and personally: stepping out of our comfort zone, building confidence.  I’m looking forward to the challenges next week will bring.

This coming week will be a great test for my organization system and a measure of how much I have my shit together.  should be fun.

If you are wondering what application you are seeing in the images below it’s called TeuxDeux.  HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (Tutorial on how I use it soon to come).







The Best Way to Make Time for Passion Projects

So recently I wrote a nice little article over at the productivity blog WorkAwesome titled “The Best Way to Make Time for Passion Projects.”

I argue that the best way to make time for this projects we usually avoid or put off is to wake up early to do them before your day job.  I go into the benefits I’ve found by using this method and some tips for waking up early in general.  Would love to hear your feedback!


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