The Magic of Putting in The Time

First Scott Berkun:

I’ve spent a decade studying how creatives do what they do and its simple: they work. Creativity is best thought of as a kind of effort, not an abstract thing – it’s what goes on when you are trying to solve a problem. The problem could be writing a poem, making a song, designing a website, anything. But no creative person in history was creative independent of working on some kind of project.

I appreciate Scott’s no-nonsense advice and he hits the nail on the head once again:

Doing Work is the only real way to get good at anything.

Sure reading is important and at times you need inspiration.  But the real difference between the masters of any craft and the rest of us is that they put in more work.

They didn’t make a plan to do work, they just put in the hours.   They cared deeply about their craft, created draft after draft and ultimately became masters.

This really is the secret to success.  Which is comforting and scary at the same time: there is no magic bullet that we have to search for anymore; but we still have to put in the work day after day.

Creativity Advice from Wilco

The following lyrics are from the song “What Light” by Wilco and are a great to keep in mind for those of us going through ANY creative process.

Listen to the song here on Spotify

If you feel like singing a song

And you want other people to sing along

Just sing what you feel

Don’t let anyone say it’s wrong


And if you’re trying to paint a picture

But you’re not sure which colors belong

Just paint what you see

Don’t let anyone say it’s wrong


And if you’re strung out like a kite

Or stung awake in the night

It’s alright to be frightened


And if the whole world’s singing your songs

And all of your paintings have been hung

Just remember what was yours is everyone’s from now on


And that’s not wrong or right

But you can struggle with it all you like

You’ll only get uptight


How to Write a Blog Post

I’m a big fan of documenting how to do stuff. So I drew up this diagram about how I write blog posts. The way I see it the less thinking I have to do about completing a certain process, the easier it is to do.

The pictures are just for fun…


Writing in a notebook


This is a blog draft I just wrote up. This was the first time I’ve ever really written in a notebook. It was quite an enjoyable experience that I plan to make a habit of.

Usually when I have a post idea I make a new note in Evernote and rarely come back to it.  Set it and forget.

I’m hoping that the extra effort required to write in a notebook will make the piece somehow more important and worthy of revising and publishing.   I let you know how it goes…


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