Poll: How Did You Get Hired?

As a market researcher I like collecting data.  The more data you have the better your decision-making ability is.  This poll though is just for fun and a way for me to learn more about how people are getting hired nowadays.  When you answer you will see the results too if you are curious about this stuff as well.

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Preliminary Results

“Other” Responses

  1. Staffing agency called me after posting resume
  2. Company contacted me directly to offer position.
  3. Temp agency
  4. company website
  5. networking thru Linkedin.com
  6. College Career Fair
  7. Asked by COO. PT contract –> FT contract
  8. company job fair
  9. Referred someone to the co
  10. my employer found my bio in a meetup attendee list
  11. recommended and recruited
  12. I don’t have a current job.

Intrapreneur Over Entrepreneur

Like many college students I always assumed I would work for somebody else. I’d go to an office, be instructed on what to do and get a nice paycheck. The thought of owning my own business was always interesting but never seemed realistic.

Then I discovered the blogosphere. I got on Twitter. I graduated from college, moved back to Seattle and started meeting a completely new breed of people.  I was bitten by the entrepreneur bug.  For the first time I started to think of the possible products I could create and the services I could offer.  For the first time I started thinking more independently about how to make money and support myself. Continue reading

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