How to Be The G.O.A.T (Greatest of All-Time)


To be the GOAT takes giving a crap (effort) and having a ton of natural talent. Most of us will never be the GOAT in or chooses profession and that’s okay.

A Basketball Example

Michael Jordan is the GOAT in basketball: he was the most naturally talented, but he didn’t rely on his talent, he worked harder than everyone else (plus he was incredibly competitive).

He could have taken it easy and still be great based on natural talent. The thing is many NBA players have amazing talent, but nobody practiced harder than Jordan. This is what made him the greatest. The result was six championships with one very good teammate (Pippen) and some good role players.


The thing is that most of us don’t have Jordan-level skill in anything. Thus I’d rather have an abundance of “giving a crap” over talent. Why? Because giving a crap often beats out superior talent through hard work and determination.

Those that give a crap put in the practice. And if you continue to put in practice you can’t really plateau like those relying of talent alone. Merlin Mann refers to this idea of giving a crap as “care,” which I also like.

So I guess the takeaway here is to find whatever you give an intense crap about if you want to be great (or really really good). Only then will you continue to put in work when shit gets hard.

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