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I post regularly to my Tumblr blog, sharing interesting links/quotes from what I read on the internet, plus classic rock videos and pics of my favorite moments from Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

I do videos on how to use Evernote and some song covers

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25 Things I Believe In

  1. Systems and processes are freeing not constraining.
  2. Focus on what you are doing, shun distractions, practice deliberately and do the hard work others will not.
  3. If you have a nagging problem focus on putting more energy into it and caring more. The tactics, or how to solve the problem will come naturally.
  4. Information that isn’t actionable is more of a burden than beneficial. It’s a nice-to-know.
  5. Invest time to set things up at the beginning.
  6. Fight shortsightedness; think long term.
  7. Energy is the biggest influencer of productivity.
  8. Great execution over great ideas.
  9. The role of management is to help workers automate tasks.
  10. The most productive organizations are able to take care of their employees best.
  11. Time is money and productivity saves time.
  12. If organizations were more productive they would grow more and fix the unemployment problem.
  13. Write everything down, you will not remember.
  14. Carrots and sticks do motivate, but employees that care are the most effective.
  15. Verbs > Nouns.
  16. Quality wins over quantity pretty much every time, for every thing.
  17. Lifestyle change over dieting.
  18. It never hurts to ask.
  19. Leverage your strengths, ignore weaknesses.
  20. Iterate, Iterate, Iterate. Always be searching for a more efficient and effective way to get the same results.
  21. Do now, ask for forgiveness later.
  22. Always perform at your best re: Joe Dimaggio quote, “There is always some kid who may be seeing me for the first or last time, I owe him my best.”
  23. Nothing (a product, company, service or yourself) is sold without marketing and promotion, no matter how good that thing is.
  24. Ignore Everybody. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to other people. Everybody has a unique situation.
  25. Be Curious, Be Resilient, Be Creative.



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