How to Slow Down TIme

The more novel things you do and things you seen and places you visit and people you meet, the slower time feels and the rich it feels. So go out there and do something cool do something weird, do something new.

Scared Shitless

One of my favorite people did a talk about being Scared Shitless.

Well, I’m scared of a lot of things too.  Here’s a couple:

  • Unhappiness

  • Having a meaningless life

  • Spending money

  • Reading the wrong book

  • Making friends with the wrong people

  • Being fat and out of shape and not being able to do anything about it

  • The urge to continually check social media sites

  • My career is going no where

  • No one will ever love me again

  • Regret

  • My sweet tooth

  • My lack of energy and motivation

  • Not being good enough

  • Writing on this blog

  • The thought of life as a rat race

  • Ambiguity

Stop Waiting

I have to continually tell myself this everyday:

“Actually Getting Big Things Done” starts with not waiting to get picked, rather taking the single step forward toward making your idea a reality: learning a programming language, finding publishers, or whatever it may be. You don’t need to have all the answers or steps mapped out before you start, because even if you did have a map sitting in front of you, the path is going to change along the way. Only focusing on that first step will keep you nimble and able to adapt as you move forward and realize new things.

via Stop Waiting.

Too much to do to do anything well

First of all, most of us put way too much stuff on our lists. Social psychologist Roy Baumeister and journalist John Tierney, authors of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, report in their book that one person typically has at least 150 different tasks at a time, and that an executive’s to-do list for a single Monday could take more than a week to finish. Sounds like a set-up for failure.

via How to Master the Art of To-Do Lists by Understanding Why They Fail : iDoneThis blog.

Quote of the Week

No company can grow revenues consistently faster than its ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth and still become a great company.

David Packard