What are people saying about Oculus Rift’s $600 price tag?


Oculus Rift announced two things today:

1. Pre-orders for the virtual reality headset would be taken today with a March ship date. It will ship to 20 countries.

2. The price in the U.S is $599

This announcement created the biggest peak in global internet mentions (81,241, 86% from Twitter) over the last 365 days. It was 52% bigger than the 2nd biggest peak.


The conversation was an international one as well, although the U.S did account for 37% of mentions.

The 2nd biggest peak from last June (42,947 mentions) was when they first showed the device in action at a media event.


What did people talk about?


At least 45% of mentions were about price. I say at least because I searched for mentions of “Oculus Rift” that also mentioned £ OR $ OR ¥ OR €. There were plenty of other conversations that didn’t mention the price explicitly or left the dollar, pound, euro, or yen sign off.

That thud was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. That’s… a LOT more expensive than I was expecting. I’ll get a second graphics card before I ever get the Rift, I think, unless the prices come down dramatically in the next few months. $600 USD is quite the penny. Source

Perception was mostly negative with people citing different reasons for their reaction:

  1. They were under the impression it would be in the $200 to $300 dollar range.
  2. They thought the controller and games included inflated the price too high.
  3. They could use that $600 instead to upgrade their their current PC.

It should also be mentioned that the pre-order started with a March ship date, but was pushed back to April, then May, now currently June. People are buying at this price.

It will be interesting see how the Oculus sells since it requires a substantial PC to run the device, which requires additional costs.

Well my $1,000+ gaming/video editing PC can’t run a $600 Oculus Rift. I think it might be game over for Oculus.
Takeaway: Competitors like Sony and HTC have an opportunity to compete on price.

Here are some smaller themes:

Waiting for games

I have no hype for the Oculus Rift because is missing the games to back it. Give me a MechWarrior game, then we’ll talk hype.

You want me to buy an Oculus Rift? Show me games for it that I can’t play anywhere else.

…are we gonna see more Oculus Rift games?

Waiting to see what other manufacturers come out with


I think Oculus Rift should offer a stripped down version w/o the games and controller. I am waiting for HTC Vive though.

The Oculus Rift price is a tad off-putting. Will definitely wait to see the HTC vive pricing now.

Sony’s Play Station VR

On one hand, I’m not exactly shocked Oculus Rift is $600. On the other, I’m totally bummed because I’m going to pass. Your move, Sony.


Today is my birthday. I’m 29. Instead of looking forward I want to look back on my 28th year of LIFE, man.
Played my first ever live show (after playing guitar for 12 years), cover Eagles songs.
Took Avery to her first Seahawks game10730209_10101150496303240_1621466589383540298_n
Saw the Seahawks miracle NFC championship game
Played my second live show covering The Cars
Went to Cozumel with this pretty lady
My my third live show covering Weezer’s Blue Album

Went to Sasquatch for the first time, where I saw some of my favorite artists of all-time including Robert Plant and Father John Misty11137154_10101335128399040_5967051583132627579_n

Wrote some tunes. Project 10 became an After the Rain song, The Winds Have Changed, with lyrics by Tristan and vocals by Dave. Project 21 became The Event with lyrics and vocals from Dave.

Climbed a 200 foot tree
Swam in two mountain lakes11700864_10101374698006230_8951069028496697893_n
Got engaged, that was a big one
Saw Jurassic 5
Moved in with Avery
Saw Father John Misty on back-to-back days
Formed my first band, After The Rain, wrote songs and played a gig
Went to Kauai
Saw Foo Fighters at The Gorge
Played a lot of golf
Took engagement photos
It’s a been a solid year

The Ultimate Two-Screen Setup

Read ’em and weep. THIS is how you should have your laptop and monitor aligned.

Benefits include:

  • Moving your eyes and up and down instead of left and right (which always gave me a sore neck).
  • Getting rid of your shitty keyboard
  • Actually using both screens efficiently

Do it, you’ll thank me sooner.

How I Made Evernote Actually Useful

Photo source

I’ve had a long history with Evernote. I’ve written and made tutorial videos about Evernote. I’ve never stopped using it fully, but definitely had times when I didn’t know what to do with it. It always felt useful, but always a bit unwieldy. I’m not the only one.

Smashcut to yesterday when I made Evernote my main task manager, to-do list or whatever productivity gurus are calling them these days.

The biggest reason I changed it was because I’ve always wanted my to-do list and the place that I do work to be one in the same. Many tasks involve writing, especially as a knowledge/office worker. And I never understood why one would want to separate the place where create from where you store the reminder about that thing you are creating.

With Evernote it’s pretty easy to use the title as the task name, groomsmen bios for instance, and the big ass text area to write those bios. With Evernote you can draft up content for whatever it is and then copy and paste later for an email, tweet, powerpoint, etc.

Big ass text field

Big ass text field

You can also create to-do, bulleted, and numbered lists right in the notes field. This is useful for a task with multiple steps or even just a shopping list.

Shopping list

Shopping list

For now I’m organizing them in one notebook stack called *Tasks (the * is so that stack goes to the top of notebooks). I then have an Upcoming notebook for tasks I need to do this month and another called Later for things I want to do in the future.


I also tag notes:

  • Deloitte. This is for work at my job.
  • Creative. This is usually music-related, but maybe for a blog I want to write.
  • Band It. This is marketing and business tasks related to a friend’s company I’m helping out with that provides services for recreational musicians in Seattle.
  • Life. This applies to basically everything else and includes things like doing laundry, planning trips, changing health insurance plan, etc.

Tasks are then organized together by tag for easy scanning.


I like using the list view because it’s easier to view tasks quickly. But I like the snippet view when working in the text field since it’s not as wide as the list view. You can switch back and forth easily with keyboard shortcuts.

Last thing. You can now add new notes to Evernote by swiping down from the top of your iPhone. This makes it really easy to create a new note, which is a big deal because the Evernote mobile app can be really slow. Scroll to the bottom of Today and hit edit, then you can add all sorts of apps.

File Oct 14, 2 41 26 PM

This is my new system as of one day ago. I feel really good about it so far. But then again I’ve felt really good about the last two dozen tasks system I’ve had in a varied of tool. Asana and Wunderlist are the last two tools I’ve used recently. But I’m counting on that big ass notes field to keep me using Evernote hopefully for a while.

The Guardian Live Blogged Jarryd Hayne’s NFL Debut

A hilarious recap of a football game from somebody that knows very little about football. Here’s a taste:

His first touch is a fumble! He’s grassed it. Oh my

Hyde spun and ran and confused everyone and we have a touchdown!

Sacked. Couldn’t tell you why it’s called that. But sacked he was, Teddy, sacked like a poor employee.

Carlos Hyde again, a human battering ram. … He’s being bashed up like a packet of crackers.

The crowd are making some noise, no-one knows why, not even the crowd, it’s just like a mass noise made by everyone at once, for no reason, just sporadically

Source: Jarryd Hayne’s debut as seen in Australia: a fumble, flags and breaks – as it happened | Sport | The Guardian

Paul Graham on doing what you love

Paul Graham:

It’s hard to find work you love; it must be, if so few do. So don’t underestimate this task. And don’t feel bad if you haven’t succeeded yet. In fact, if you admit to yourself that you’re discontented, you’re a step ahead of most people, who are still in denial.

I want to believe this statement. The bold part particularly. But I wonder if there is value in putting your head down

Is there a “grass is greener” affect going on? Should one learn to like their current job?

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