10 Things I Like and Don’t Like About Munchery.com User Experience

Munchery is a relatively new service that delivers ready-to-eat meals to your door.

Here are six things I don’t like and four things I like about their desktop website user experience (UX)



What I Don’t Like

1. You have to scroll the entire page to find what you want, whether it’s an entree, side, dessert, for kids, or drink. They could add a dropdown menu at the top of the page.


Header navigation

2. It’s really difficult to figure out how to remove or modify an item in your shopping cart



When you are in your cart there is nothing obvious about changing your order in any way. You have to click on the number which takes you this the pop-up window:


Update pop-up

My guess is that they don’t want easy for people to remove items. But really it’s just confusing and annoying and only creates ill will toward the brand.

Why not just do what Amazon.com does and at a Delete button?

Take a cue from Amazon.com

Take a cue from Amazon.com

3. The next action to take after putting an item in your bag is not obvious. There could be a prompt telling you to check out or could give suggestions on other items to compliment your selection.


Add an item

4. Bulleted instructions would be easier to read.


Preparation instructions

5. User’s should be alerted that an item is not available in their zip code before they add it to their bag. Or it shouldn’t be shown at all.



6. The stars or number is not clickable or linked to a page showing reviews for an item.


Reviews not clickable

 What I Like

1. The entire site is very visual. This makes it easy to decide which items you’d want to eat. Text on the site is very small in contrast. This is seem to be like a conscious design choice.



2. Munchery makes it clear what they offer, which is crucial for a new service such as this.


Step-by-step instructions

3. Header navigation is simple and without fluff. The two most important pages — Daily Menu and How It Works — are prominently displayed. The More tab contains page links that are not needed to most users.


Nice nav

4. Products are highly detailed, including nutrition/calorie information, how to prepare and ingredient lists (very important for people with allergies). Delivery healthy, high quality, read-to-eat meals is going to attract customers that will want this kind of information.


Product details

The Walking Dead Continues to Look Like The Wire

Yet another actor from HBO’s show The Wire has joined the cast of The Walking Dead. This time Sergeant Ellis Carter is playing a wimpy Minister, who carries no weapons but has somehow survived the Zombie Apocalypse thus far. He joins D’Angelo Barksdale / Bob Stookey and Cutty / Tyreese Williams.




Hyperlapse videos: a cliche coming soon

This past Monday Instagram unveiled Hyperlapse.

I’m impressed and eager to use it as I’m sure most people are.

Soon Hyperlapse videos will be mainstream cliche and EVERYONE and their mom will shoot this way; probably also replacing use cases where photos would have once been shot.

But I’m okay with this cliche, the videos are beautiful.


What the fuck is in Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte?

It’s that time of year where white girls (my gf included) all over America collectively freak out over the coming of fall and Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte.

But what is in the damn thing?! Turns out a lot of shitty stuff: this article breaks it down as well as does the detective work to uncover the ingredients for Starbucks.

The image below is handy if it’s tl;dr. Essentially it’s a bunch of chemicals, flavoring and a ton of sugar (50 grams for grande)

But the thing is NOBODY CARES.

Everyone already knows that there isn’t any real pumpkin in this drink and nobody expects there to be.

Nobody expects Starbucks’ to put pumpkin in their pumpkin spice latte. Isn’t THAT the problem?

The thing is corporations are not going to put real food in their products over cheaper artificial alternatives unless they have to, e.i people don’t buy their products. You can’t blame Starbucks, this is how they can maximize revenue with this product. Maximizing revenue is how our economy works.

Bloggers and people tweeting can make a big stink over products like this all they want, but until consumers stop buying and depend an alternative, nothing will change.

The History of The Eagles: The guys still got it

IMG_5127-0.JPGMonday Avery and I saw the Eagles, a band formed 40 years ago, perform at the Tacoma Dome.

The guys still have it after all these years. Of course they aren’t as good vocally as they were in the 70’s, but still they can sing and play amazingly well.

Audio/video from the show, plus some especially great YouTube videos when The Eages were at the top of their game below.

Song Mashup

Two Performances from 1977

Today I took to YouTube to watch some vintage Eagles performances, and here are two of my favorites.

Take It to The Limit

Take note of original bassist Randy Meisner’s crazy vocals at the 4:17 mark

One of These Nights

Don Felder’s guitar solo at the 2:07 mark

Don Henley’s amazing falsetto at the 3:24 mark


Two Night Stay at Mount Rainier

The Hikedata=!3m1!1e3   1.IMG_5038-0.JPG2.IMG_5045-0.JPG         3.IMG_5054.JPG   4.IMG_5079-0.JPG 5.IMG_5092.JPG 6.IMG_5095.JPG Washed in streamIMG_5019.JPG   Grill s’moresIMG_5014.JPG Drank coffee and read IMG_5017.JPG Ate WellIMG_5099.JPG   IMG_5012.JPG   The abodeIMG_5011.JPG

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